pleeeeeeeeease do a review on the rimmel apocalips or just write any post on your beauty blog okay luv u bye Anonymous

haha i was just writing up a review for them. sorry i know i havent been posting but ill have a review of the apocalips probably tmr :)

Mornington peninsula with these lovely people @itsannielammy @almightyalex_ @dmphan @lisale259 & thao :)

Mornington peninsula with these lovely people @itsannielammy @almightyalex_ @dmphan @lisale259 & thao :)

Hi Pochu, did you try the macaroons? I love those, it is so soft and yummy, but quite expensive too. Anonymous

Yeah I did! They’re were like super big! The biggest macarons that I’ve ever seen! :O

They were good, but they weren’t as soft as I’d like them to be. The inside of the shell was hollow which was why they were so big but they were pretty good :) It was like $2.80 for one

I want some good macrons right now. Cravingggg


Went to a French cafe in Bundoora today which is about a 5-10 minute drive from my uni. It’s called Jahdomes and like the ‘e’ has one of those symbols on top of it like on the ‘e’ in cafe but I’m too lazy to look for it right now LOL

The people there were really nice and the service was great! They gave us eight free tarts (I think they were tarts…? LOL it’s those 4 things in the last picture) and yeahhhh the food was really good! It was reallyyyy filling though. The hollandaise sauce was really rich too which was good that they didn’t put so much on our meals. I just took a few photos of some of the meals we had and yeahhhh

I had the “Breakfast Stack” which is the one with the bacon but I didn’t really like the bacon because it was like all burnt… but I know that many people like it like that so mehhhhhh. I want to try more cakes next time that I go there hehehehe

That’s we did in our three-hour break today :)

How was your day?