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Now that uni is officially over, I can finally start on decorating my room. I’ve been wanting to decorate it for a while now but I haven’t been able to due to my “studies”. But yeah, I just finished my last exam today (which was totally a fail. My short answer questions were horribly answered and I had no idea what most of the stuff in the exam was talking about - brb while I go cry in a corner) and after the exam I went to Highpoint to just look around for things. 

I bought a whiteboard/cork board thingo from Office Works for $13 only because the box was already opened and the pen holder that came inside it was missing. I think about a couple weeks ago I also finally bought a full length mirror which I’ve been needing one for a while now. I also moved some furniture around in my room when I was supposed to be studying for my exams. 

And I also got my hair cut today. I actually wished it was slightly more layered, like a bit shorter on the front layers because right now it just looks completely straight. But ah well. Looks find for now :) Maybe I should go back and get it slightly trimmed at the front… or I can do it myself… One side of my hair looks longer than the other side cause I was leaning towards that side. LOL it looks uneven now 

I can’t wait until I go shopping and buy more things to decorate my room with :D

But first… I NEED A JOB :(

Yeah. That is all.